The resources, education, and certifications you need to become a qualified platform tennis instructor


We provide you the educational resources to not only become a qualified platform instructor, but an exceptional one. With exclusive membership access to our resource library, courses, newsletter, and workshops, you can be confident that you are on the cutting edge of all things platform tennis!


PPTR certifications get you taken seriously by clubs, academies, schools, players, and parents worldwide. Your opportunities are endless. With certifications for all coaching levels, you are in control of just how far your coaching career can take you!


Being a PPTR member means having everything you need to be a great platform tennis instructor or tournament director. In addition to our educational resources, as a PPTR member you enjoy equipment discounts, affordable liability insurance, business assets, and so much more!

About us

We love platform tennis and those who teach it. It is our mission to educate, certify, and serve coaches so that the sport we love can continue to grow and evolve.

We want to make being a great coach easier. Whether it’s providing you the certifications that will get you taken seriously at clubs, schools, and academies, educating you on the latest coaching methods that will take your students’ game to the next level, or connecting you with like-minded coaches around the world, we are here to support you!

Don't just play Platform Tennis, teach it!

We have become the standard for platform tennis education and certification. It is our mission to educate, certify, and serve platform tennis instructors so that the game we love can continue to grow and evolve.

From providing you the certifications that earn you the respect of clubs, schools, and recreational centers, to educating you on the latest technical advancements and coaching methods, we are dedicated to supporting you!

Steps to Certification


Becoming a PPTR member is easy! Once you complete your application online and you can immediately begin enjoying your membership benefits and exploring our educational resources!


Take Courses & Workshops
Our dynamic courses and workshops blend online & on court learning for a complete educational experience.This approach, along with our member support will set you up for success in your certification test and beyond!


Take the Test
Once you have taken your courses, attended the workshops, and studied educational resources, it will be time to show what you know! You’ll take the test, get certified, and unlock the power of being a PPTR certified instructor!
“My team & I saw the need in the industry for more intentional training and resources for those looking to teach Platform Tennis. It was so hard to find the resources, education, you needed to learn the fundamentals, and a certification that qualified you as a platform tennis instructor was nowhere to be found. Because of PPTR you now have access to everything you need to become a great instructor and have the credentials clubs and recreational centers are looking for. The game of Platform Tennis is growing and PPTR is helping instructors grow with it!”

Dan Santorum

CEO Professional Platform Tennis Registry

Need More Info?

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Caitlyn Fries

Marketing Manager

She is responsible for the consistent look and theme of all PTR graphics and messaging in order to grow the PTR marketing and social media footprint. Caitlyn graduated from Northern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design.

Helma Cap

Membership Director

Helma has worn many hats over the years, including, Clinician, Tester and Merchandise Director. Still responsible for merchandise, accounts receivable, and assisting with workshop coordination, as Director of Membership, her duties expanded to include membership growth and retention. Helma graduated cum laude with a degree in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina.

Iñaki Balzola

International Director

Born in Milan, Italy, Iñaki is able to converse with our members in Italian, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Iñaki is also the Coordinator of ACE, PTR’s multicultural participation program, represents PTR on various USTA and ITF Committees, is on the Cardio Tennis Speaker Staff and is a USTA High Performance Coach. He is one of only two clinicians authorized to conduct international Etcheberry Strength & Conditioning Certification.

Julie Jilly


With a passion for wheelchair tennis and Special Olympics, Julie annually serves as Tournament Director for both the PTR Wheelchair Tennis Championships and the Special Olympics Tennis Championships. In 2006, PTR received a National Award for Adaptive Tennis. In 2005, Julie received the USTA Community Service Award for the Southern Section and the Special Olympics South Carolina’s Super Hero Award. In 2004, she was recognized by RSI Magazine as the Wheelchair Tennis Champion of the Year.

Nicole Hobson

Member Services Director

In addition, he developed new courses and opportunities, including PTR’s Education Dashboard that provides hundreds of hours of free online video presentations, and was a key player in the evolution of the PTR Coach App. Working with Sarah Ansboury, Brian was also instrumental in the organization’s new PPR pickleball certification curriculum, workshop preparation materials and clinician training. Brian started at PTR as Director of Development where he oversaw the delivery of PTR education and managed scores of clinicians across the United States. Before leading the clinicians, he was one himself.